Nov 28, 2017

Lewis Announces Candidacy for 2018 State Senate Race

Bartlett resident Seth Lewis has filed nominating petitions and announced today his candidacy to become Illinois’ next State Senator in the 23rd district. Seth is an engineer, small business owner, husband and father. Seth and his wife, Dr. Bhavna Sharma-Lewis have been married since 1997 and have 2 boys who will be the 5th generation in their family to live in Illinois.
Seth is highly motivated and interested in pursuing this opportunity to represent the citizens of the 23rd State Senate District. Through his personal and professional experiences he has built trust, strengthened relationships and fostered collaboration. He leads with a strong moral compass, and a high level of integrity and diplomacy. Seth has a fiscally conservative perspective on the issues the State of Illinois is challenged with, and believes that he is aligned with the majority of voters within the 23rd Senate District.
It is the change in Illinois that motivates Seth to run for the State Senate position. “25 years ago, Illinois was a place of opportunity, where people wanted to move to. Now, Illinois is a place where the next generation is having trouble finding opportunity, it is getting expensive for families to stay, and people want to leave.” Lewis believes that it is time to engineer some real change, take on career politicians such as his opponent Tom Cullerton, and make Illinois a place where people and families want to live again. “The Cullerton family has been elected in Illinois since the late 1800’s either in the city of Chicago or the State of Illinois – This is one family business I would like to see shut down.”
For more information you may visit or on Facebook: Seth Lewis for State Senate