Sep 1, 2016

From the community: Seth Lewis Calls on Tom Cullerton to Disavow Madigan’s Lawsuit

Today, Seth Lewis, candidate for State Senate in the 23rd district, called on his opponent, Tom Cullerton, to publicly disavow Mike Madigan‘s lawsuit to stop the Independent Map Amendment. The amendment was approved by over half a million Illinoisans, and received certification from the State Board of Elections to be on the November ballot.

Mike Madigan and the Democratic Party of Illinois’ top lawyer, Michael Kasper, are now suing the sponsors of the Independent Map Amendment to prevent people from voting on the amendment this fall, through a shadowy organization they disingenuously call “the People’s Map”. The Illinois Supreme Court is expected to rule on the case in the near future.

Earlier this week, the Chicago Tribune wrote, “We know House Speaker Michael Madigan’s top lawyer is leading the effort. We know who stands to lose if the amendment is passed. You might as well call The People’s Map by a different name – Madigan’s Map.”

Senator Tom Cullerton has refused to comment on the Madigan-backed lawsuit.

“It’s time for Tom Cullerton to publicly disavow the lawsuit being brought against the Independent Map Amendment by his party’s leadership,” said Seth Lewis, candidate for State Senate in the 23rd district. “Cullerton can’t credibly claim to support independent maps while his party’s leadership are the very people suing to stop them.”

“We need independent leadership in the 23rd district, not someone who remains silent when party bosses expect it.”

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