Sep 28, 2016

Seth Lewis Campaign Announces Women for Lewis Coalition

Bhavna Sharma-Lewis, Educator and Proud Wife, to serve as Women for Lewis Chair
Leader Christine Radogno, Dr. Juliane Fredericks (Education), Zarah Gonzalez (Service), Aparna Shah (Small Business Owner) and Judy Pinsel (Sales) to serve as Co-Chairs
Team includes Representative Patti Bellock, Senator Karen McConnaughay and 150 other women in various industries across the 23rd District

Today, Bhavna Sharma-Lewis announced the Women for Seth Lewis Coalition. Bhavna has been in education for the last 20 years, beginning as a 8th grade math teacher. As Chair of the Lewis for Women Coalition she has gathered 150 women in support of Seth Lewis.

“I know that Seth cares more than anyone about turning our state around. I am so proud of Seth for standing up to the career politicians, and I am happy to announce that Seth Lewis is supported by strong, inspiring women across the 23rd District. Seth understands that in order for Illinois to thrive, we must put our children, small businesses, and communities first. I believe with Seth’s leadership, diplomacy and problem-solving skills Illinois can be a state where our children and grandchildren want to to live and raise their own families.” – Bhavna Sharma-Lewis

Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, Dr. Juliane Fredericks, Zarah Gonzalez, Aparna Shah and Judy Pinsel are co-chairing the coalition. These women represent various backgrounds and industries across the 23rd District and DuPage County. The coalition currently stands at over 150 women, who all believe that Seth will be a voice for families and children in Springfield.
“As a single mother and a Director of Special Education, I know Seth will put our state and community first. My town of Wood Dale deserves a Senator and leader like Seth who will put the interests of his constituents ahead of the special interests,” said Co-Chair Juliane Fredericks.